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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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The Lone Book Club

I read. A lot.
We're talking at least four books a month a lot. And that's when I'm busy. I can get antsy when I'm doing something else and there's a great book I'm in the middle of. My mind will wander back to the characters I'm getting to know, the new worlds I'm exploring. If I have two minutes to spare between tasks, I will take the opportunity to get a least one more page in. 

Like I said, I read a lot.

And because I read so much, I have a lot of opinions about the books I read, which I am dying to share and discuss with others.  But herein lies the problem. I really don't have anyone to talk to. 

Now, I have lots of friends and co-workers, and even a boyfriend, but very few of them read as much as I do and even fewer have the time or neurosis to read as quickly. (I held the Red Wedding in for a long time.) And I also tend to get a little obsessive and perhaps a bit over the top, therefore deterring any friend, relative, or the occasional perturbed party goer to sit down and talk about the latest J.K. Rowling book. So since I cannot talk to many of the people around me, I have decided to talk to the world of lone readers like me instead.

I have decided to throw my thoughts into the internet to see if anyone else throws any back. In this blog I will review the books I read. There will be no theme, no order, no reason. I will read whatever I want whether it is recommended by a friend or I choose it on a whimsy, and then I will write about it.  And maybe someone will read it

So this is a blog for me, and for all of you who read rather than doing those other things you could push until tomorrow, for all of you who have that terrible "what now?!" feeling after finishing a great book, and for all of you who may or may not own a sweater that proudly states, "All I need is a book and my cat." 

The Lone Book Club is for all of you.

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