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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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5 Ways to Find Your Next Book

It's a recurring problem faced by many a book worm; you have just finished a great, spectacular, Earth shattering book, you don't know what to do with your life and one desperate question comes bubbling up to the surface, "What do I read now?!" 

Fear not, book lovers! For I will guide you on your way to the next excellent literary escape that will leave you sniffling and saying, "I'm not crying, I just have allergies!" to your co-workers.

1. New York Times Best Seller List - It's the classic go-to. If you are interested in what's flying off the shelves and what everyone is talking about, it's a great place to check. There are several different categories for you to peruse. It also lets you know how long a book has been on the Best Seller list so you'll know that if it's been there a while, you should probably check it out.

2. Goodreads - If you're not a member yet, sign up now. Goodreads is a spectacular website that suggests books for you based on your previous reads and ratings. You can create a digital shelf of everything you want to read and have already read, write your own reviews, and share in an online book-loving community. It's more of a book experience rather than just a list of books. I also like this method of book searching because Goodreads has a more diverse selection of great books that you won't necessarily find on Best Seller lists. (Plus you can be friends with us!

3. Book Blogs - Eh-hem, shameless plug. But in all seriousness, book blogs are great places to find your next book to read. They will probably have a more diverse/obscure selection than a Best Seller list, and some blogs even specialize in a specific genre. Plus the greatest thing about book blogs is that you get to read a nice write-up about it as well as a detailed review. Someone has already gone through the trouble (or pleasure) of reading it and has told you if it's going to be worth your while. Check out Luna's Little Library, The Book Smugglers, and Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin' for a few different and great book blog experiences.

4. Kindle Lists - I've picked up a lot of spectacular reads from lists on my Kindle store homepage. And they have so many: Kindle Select 25, Best Books of the Month, Best Sellers, it goes on. These are books that are selling and being reviewed well in the Kindle community who, I feel, are my people. You can check out the list, select a book, read a synopsis and reviews, download a sample or buy it on the spot all in a matter of minutes. Heaven.

5. Your Friend's Bookshelf - When all else fails, it's a great place to go. Don't forget that there are humans around you and not just the internet! Odds are, at least some of your friends like to read too, and you probably have similar tastes. Borrow a book from their bookshelf. You already trust their recommendation, and you have someone to talk to/argue with afterwards.  If your friendship survived when they revealed they were team Gale instead of team Peeta, it can survive anything.

So good luck on finding your next book! May the odds be ever in your favor! (I'm totally team Peeta)

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