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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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The Importance of Finding Your Reading Nook

Not too long ago Kaley wrote a blog post about how difficult it can be to read, especially when you have to. I thought about this problem a lot. Although I don't suffer these "reader blues" as much as some, I too can find it difficult to get in the mood to sit down and read. 

So as I was thinking about the times when I don't want to read, I wondered how it was that I was able to get myself through those times. Besides determination and will, I realized it came down to one very simple thing; where I read. And that has led me to believe that if you find your nook, reading any book for any reason is possible.

Check out this art here! 
Finding your nook can be a bit of a challenge. Not many people have enough space to designate an area just for reading. But you really don't have to. If you can personalize the space when it's time to get some reading done, that regular corner of your house can be transformed into your reading nook.

The couch, with a big fuzzy blanket and my cat at my feet. That's my nook. It's not a fancy window seat (though that would be glorious), it's not under a beautiful oak tree, and it's not in the quiet corner of my small local coffee shop. Depending on where you live, these places can be hard to come by, so you've got to work with what you've got.  Adding a fuzzy blanket, a lazy cat, and propping the throw pillows up just the way I like them transforms my couch from my tv watching space to my reading sanctuary.

But that's just what works for me. If you are lucky and you do have a nice window seat, oak tree, or local coffee shop to use, go ahead and try those out. I personally prefer a reading space in my own home, otherwise I end up people watching more than reading. But different things work for different people. Maybe the warm sunshine is your warm fuzzy blanket, maybe the sound of the coffee grinder is your purring cat at your feet.

I would advise against making your bed your reading nook. In my experience it leads to more napping than actual reading. But don't let me stop you from trying it out. Find your nook. Try at the park, in the local library, at the pizza place, at the kitchen table, on your bed, under your bed, anywhere! And customize it the way you want it. Add tons of pillows, surround yourself with other books, hang up your favorite art work, grab a fuzzy blanket, and snuggle with your pet.

It may take time to find it, but once you do, your nook will become a place where reading anything is possible.

Do you have a reading nook? Where is it? Do you have any advice for others trying to find theirs? Join the discussion!

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