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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

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5 Unique DIY Bookmarks

Bookmarks are important. Back when I was in middle-school a cool bookmark could set you a part from the rest. They can be fun, pretty, inspirational, anything. They travel all the way through the book with you. So choosing the right companion for the journey can be difficult.

Today I've decided to make that decision a little easier for you and show you 5 great DIY bookmark tutorials that will make your choice for a travel companion a little bit easier.
1. The Heart Corner Bookmark - This one is pretty cool if I do say so myself. A departure from the traditional centerfold bookmark, this type slides over the corner to keep you in your place.
Click HERE for the tutorial!

2. The Ribbon and Elastic Bookmark - Yet another departure from the original, this type of bookmark doesn't just simply keep your place but makes your book look fabulous too! However, depending on the size and strength of the elastic, I would suggest using this one only on your hardcovers.
Click HERE for the tutorial!

3. The Book-shaped Bookmark - This one is pretty neat. Not only does it look like an old book, but it's wide enough and sturdy enough to hold your pages down. No more pages flipping on their own! This bookmark will hold your place both when you're reading and not.
Click HERE for the tutorial!

4. The Teacup Bookmark - Do you like sipping tea or coffee while reading? Well how about a teacup bookmark? Besides being absolutely adorable, this is actually a great bookmark. I just love how the "teabag tags" will hang outside of the book!
Click HERE for the tutorial!

5. The Jewelry Bookmark - These can be extremely unique. Depending on what type of fabric and jewelry you use, these bookmarks are 100% customizable.
Click HERE or the tutorial!

So there you have it! Five great and unique bookmarks that you can customize just for you! Get to crafting and to reading!

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