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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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Swag That Every Book Lover Should Have

You're a book lover. You've accepted that. You're not ashamed to be seen carrying around a paperback or pulling out your kindle anywhere anytime. You deserve to have that sweet swag to make your lifestyle even sweeter. 

We've compiled a few items that you and your bad book loving self shouldn't live without.
Justin Beiber ain't got nothin on our bookish swag.

1. Book Rest - How many times have you wished you had something to prop open that book or hold your e-reader up at just the right angle? I can answer that for you.. like a bagillion times. Well wish no more! This adorable book rest will do just that.

2. Customized Crossword Pillow - You absolutely have to have this pillow. It's a perfect addition to your reading nook. Customize it to say the name of your favorite author, character, book, or all of the above. 

3. Author Candle - Ever wonder what your favorite author would smell like as a candle? It's a good thing Paddywax has already made those candles so the wondering won't keep you up at night. These candle scents are sure to get you in the reading or writing mood. Maybe the smells will help you channel their creative spirit.

4. Handwritten Quote Mug -  Get your tea/coffee/hot chocolate on with a customized mug or dish with your favorite quote handwritten on it. This will easily earn the coveted favorite mug position in your cabinet.

5. Comfy Bookish Sweatshirt - Remember that part I said earlier about being an unashamed book love? Well nothing says that like a comfy sweatshirt with a book or book quote or book reference all over it! Wear this with pride!

These are just the tip of the bookish swag iceberg. What are some of your favorite items that you can't live without? 

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