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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

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How to Read Every Book on Your List

So many books, so little time. We've all thought it, and it's 100% true. There just isn't enough time in the day, month, year to read everything that we want. Without a conscious effort, many of us wouldn't find time to read at all.

These are some techniques that I use to make sure I can fit enough reading into my day in order to keep me sane as well as continue to bring reviews to all of you.
  • I turn off the TV. I could watch six episodes of Breaking Bad in a row, or I could watch one...well ok three... and then turn the TV off. If I have time in my day to watch a show, I could easily spend it reading instead.
  • I read before bed. This can lead to waking up with a book or kindle on my face, but it's a great time to get some pages in. I'm relaxed, comfortable, and my mind is slowly shutting down for the day. I find that I can be more focused on a book at the end of the day.
  • I will have designated reading time. This one is definitely harder to do, but it works. If I need to get some reading done, I will schedule a time to do it. I picked this one up from my mom who would make my brother and I have reading time each day so our brains wouldn't turn to mush during the summer.
  • I bring my book/kindle everywhere. I think this enables me to get more reading done than any of my other techniques. If I'm in a waiting room, if I'm waiting for a friend at lunch, if I'm getting coffee, if I have down time at work (use caution with this one), I will always have my book to read. I highly suggest an e-reader for this so your shoulders aren't hurting from carrying around books in your bag, but that's just a suggestion.
So those are my major ways of getting as much reading done as possible. What do you do to keep up with your book list?
My reading buddy also helps me get pages in.

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