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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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The Book Release Party

I've never done it. But apparently book release parties are a big deal.

I guess I kind of understand. I have stood in many a line at the local mall waiting for the clock to strike midnight so some underpaid teenager with an attitude problem can give me my pre-ordered Harry Potter book. It was glorious. 
So I get the hyper-excitement behind a new book release. But what I don't get is having a party for it.

If I get a new book that I'm super excited about, I don't want to see people for the next 24 hours, because I will be busy devouring it. I really don't want to be interrupted by guests and finger foods. 
But maybe I'm getting it all wrong. Do you have the party before the book release, and then troop down to the book store, get the book, and then party's over? Or do you all get the book, and the party is everyone sitting around silently reading the book with the occasional exclamation of, "OMG page 165! Steamy!"

And just to be clear, I'm not talking about an official book launch party where you go and get the book and hear the author read excerpts and you have fancy cocktails, etc. I'm talking home-thrown, themed, most-likely costumes mandatory party. That's what I want to get to the bottom of.

So, I think, basically, what this post is, is me asking someone to invite me to their book release party. Teach me your ways. I'm sure I'd have a great time!

Have you ever thrown or attended a book release party? Tell us all about it!


  1. I guess I'd understand if the book was released at midnight and you wanted to have a party beforehand, but afterward makes no sense. But I can't really imagine doing that for anything but Harry Potter, AND THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE NOW.