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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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Best Book Quotes of 2013

Happy New Year!!!!! We hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve and aren't hurting too badly this New Year's Day. 

To ring in the new year and say farewell to the old, we've put together a group of our favorite quotes from books we read in 2013. 

So here they are, in no particular order, just a few sentences from some great books that will continue to inspire us long into 2014.
The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling
You think that reality is up for negotiation, that we think it's whatever you say it is. You must accept that we are as real as you are; you must accept that you are not God.
The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson
Once you've reached a certain age, it is easier to sense when everything feels exactly right. 
The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling)
The dead could only speak through the mouths of those left behind, and through the signs they left scattered behind them.
Insurgent by Veronica Roth
People, I have discovered, are layers and layers of secrets. You believe you know them, that you understand them, but their motives are always hidden from you, buried in their own hearts. You will never know them, but sometimes you decide to trust them.
The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
Adults follow paths. Children explore.
Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter
What person who has enjoyed life could possibly think one is enough? Who could live even a day and not feel the sweet ache of regret?
Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman
"How does a volcano know so much about transtemporal meta-science?" asked one of the pale green aliens. "Being a geological formation gives you a lot of time to think," said Splod. "Also, I subscribe to a number of learned journals."
The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo
The problem with the dead was that they all wanted someone to listen to them.
Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
Eleanor was right: She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.
Life After Life by Kate Atkinson
We only have one after all, we should try and do our best. We can never get it right, but we must try.
The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert
At no moment in history has a bright young girl with plenty of food and a good constitution perished from too much learning.
The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker
If the act of love is so dangerous, why do people risk so much for it?
Damocles by S. G. Redling
What did it say about the unpredictability of the universe, Meg wondered, when sleep was an oddity but press conferences were universal?
The House Girl by Tara Conklin
Mister hit Josephine with the palm of his hand across her left cheek and it was then she knew she would run.
 So there are just a few highlights of our year of reading. May there be many more to come for everyone.

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