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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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New Years Reading Resolutions

Yes we know that it's the second week of January, but so what? It's still early enough to get our New Years Resolutions in! For 2014 we've set ourselves some literary goals and decided to share them with you!

We couldn't think of a good picture of New Years Resolutions, so you get a cat instead!

Write more, and write frequently. I have a habit of pushing it off for weeks at a time, and I'd like to change that. I'm committing to at least 2,000 words a week.


In addition to my regular reading resolutions of the year which always include reading more, making time to re-read the entire Harry Potter series, and trying to revisit at least one other book/series, I'm going to read Atlas Shrugged.  Yes, really, I'm going to do it. All the way through. How I'm going to make our regular review schedule and fit in this monster of a book, I don't know! It will be an adventure. It may be a long, hard, and possibly tear inducing adventure, but I tried to start this journey in 2013, so I'm definitely going to finish it in 2014!  


I have a number of new years resolutions for 2014--among them: don't get the flu again, join a protest, learn how to braid my hair, eat less pastrami, and of course, read more. Specifically, I'd like to read more books written by non-American authors (or at least books that portray non-American cultures). I spent my New Years with some Venezuelan friends, who have a tradition of rolling their suitcases across the street at midnight in order to ensure a year of good travel. And since, above all, I plan to travel much in the new year, I think some new perspectives will go along well with my new experiences. My suitcase is full of books, and I plan to to share them with you. 

I plan to read a more diverse collection of genres this year. I tend to stick to what I know, and I would like to branch out. I also would like to revisit at least three books that I feel have influenced me as some point in my life, and see how I feel about them now. While I rarely read a book twice, I think it will be interesting to see how my opinions change with each new read, since I am constantly changing. I think gaining a new perspective is almost as good as reading a new story.

There you have it, our New Years Reading Resolutions. May they lead us on great adventures toward literary discoveries that we will be able to share with all of you. Happy Reading!

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